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Tara Custer


Tara  Custer

Microblading & Permanent Makeup Artist

I help brow-challenged Motherpluckers through microblading and permanent makeup.

Like many people, I over-plucked my way through high school. I decided to make the investment in microblading to save time and agony with my daily uneven brow battle. I became fascinated with the art and worked my way to becoming a certified artist.

If you don't know, microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup where small hair-like strokes are tattooed in to existing (or non-existing) eyebrows to enhance or reshape their appearance for a natural look. It creates the illusion of a brow lift for most people.

Before starting Baby Got Brows, my love of design, creativity, and business started with degrees in Fashion, Marketing, and Sales. Most recently, I worked from home, with my 3 young kids, as a freelance project designer for a few large craft corporations.

Today, I am proud to have the opportunity to help people feel more confident through permanent makeup, while simplifying their morning routine. Whether you're a fellow Motherplucker that needs some serious brow help, would just like a minor shape adjustment, or could use a touch up or fix from work done by another artist, I can help! I have assisted numerous happy clients achieve ultra natural looking brows. Find me @babygotbrowsakron on Instagram or Facebook to see the results for yourself!

If you are nervous about getting a face tattoo, Girl, I got you! I am here to answer all your questions and have plenty of bad jokes and ridiculous stories to distract and entertain you through the procedure. You'll be asking why you haven't done this sooner!


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