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Terra Johnson  330.701.1878

I am a 36  year old creative hair stylist that has been doing hair for 18 years. I was raised with a mother who excelled in the business, and have been surrounded by a salon-environment my entire life. I have a true passion for fashion within the salon industry and this shows itself in my work.

I specialize in multidimensional color for all types of guests. Whether you take a consistent, more conservative approach, or like to periodically change things up, your service will be executed to perfection. I give my full attention to the needs of every client, so that I may completely personalize their services and overall experience in my chair.

When consulting with you, I will take into consideration your hair texture, facial features and bone structure, along with your everyday lifestyle. It all plays a part in giving you exactly what you’re looking to do with your hair. It’s all about you!

It has always been a dream of mine to create a sanctuary for the body and soul. I love this dynamic and will strive to create this energy in my hair shoppe. It is my mission to be a wealth of knowledge for you in all of these areas in your important life.

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